Annual Reports

Ceva's Annual Activity and Financial Reports

6 December 2019

2018 Annual Report >

Ceva transformed in pursuit of its ambition

23 July 2018

Annual Report 2017 >

2017 a breakthrough year, better serving our customers and their animals

30 June 2017

Annual Report 2016 >

2016 was a very good year that saw Ceva grow on all fronts, becoming the leading French veterinary company.

30 June 2016

Annual Report 2015 >

2015 demonstrated the strength of our vision and business model: Putting our "Passion for the Customer" into practice and ensuring the health and well-being of both humans and animal

30 June 2015

Annual Report 2014 >

2014 opens a new era with an ambition that has been revised upwards: our aim is to become a new reference for our customers and take our place among the world's top five veterinary biopharmaceutical companies.

30 June 2014

Annual Report 2013 >

Because we know how to work "together", we are capable of achieving success, even against a difficult environment

30 June 2013

Annual Report 2012 >

2012, once again demonstrated how dynamic our business is, sales up by 14%, with strategic products growing 20% - a remarkable performance. This increase was the direct result of strong organic growth because Ceva did not acquire any new companies during the year.

30 June 2012

Annual Report 2011 >

2011, a year totally in line with our vision and ambition to contribute further to the planet’s well-being

30 June 2011

Annual Report 2010 >

Together, beyond animal health - In an uncertain world, our success depends on our ability to clearly see whom we are and where we want to go

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