1st Ceva Asia Veterinary Service Meeting

“First in Class Veterinary Services”

Ceva Asia organized the first Asia Veterinary Service (AVS) meeting on September 25th & 26th in Singapore with the participation of Ceva veterinarians from eight countries. 

The objectives of the meeting were to strengthen the team technical know-how and expertise to help Ceva create “First in Class” veterinary services in Asia, to exchange technical information about Ceva’s products and services (e.g. GPS), and to share issues related to poultry health in Asia. 

The event benefited from the involvement of Dr Naola Ferguison-Noel, an expert mycoplamologist, from Georgia University, USA, who provided a full-day of training on mycoplasmosis (diseases, control and diagnostic). 

We were also joined by Dr Christophe Cazaban, who provided an overview of the key information presented in the latest Scientific Biological Meeting held in Budapest, Hungary.      

During the meeting Ceva’s vet team had the opportunity to share their views and discuss current issues and trial results.

The knowledge and experience of the Ceva Vet team is essential to provide ‘First in Class Veterinary Services' to our strategic and key accounts.    

Last update: 12/10/2015

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