Ceva Asia’s First Webinars

Ceva Asia held its first Swine and Poultry webinar

Communication to our clients is of utmost importance to Ceva. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 pandemic makes it sometimes complicated visiting them in person. Therefore, we recently broadcasted two webinars – “Ceva C The Future Together Series EP1: Maximize Your Farm Security“ and “The Poultry Industry & COVID-19: Transforming Crisis into Opportunities”.  Both webinars were very well attended by clients from across Asia, and highly appreciated.

For swine, on April 29th, many swine clients logged in to attend a session in which Dr John Carr (James Cook University, Australia) and Dr Avery Zeng (Ceva China) provided their view on biosecurity, repopulation and the lessons learned during especially the African Swine Fever outbreak in China.

For poultry, on April 30th, Mr Justin Sherrard (Rabobank – The Netherlands) and Dr Christophe Cazaban (Ceva Santé Animale - France) shared with us some relevant information on the impact of the COVID-19 on the poultry industry worldwide.  On top of the very interesting presentations, this webinar had an intense Q&A section with lively discussions on very important topics that affect direct the poultry industry.

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