Ceva China successfully held Transmune Webinar

Webinar to address the current threat of novel variant IBD virus and Stop Gumboro Cycle strategies.

On July 2, Ceva China took to the stage for the first time to share the current epidemiology, pathogenicity and control strategies against the novel variant IBD virus that has spread to 13 major poultry production provinces. The webinar received wide response from the industry with up to 8,000 viewers from 28 provinces. 

From left: Dr. Qichao Zhao, Dr. Kevin Liu, Prof. Shijun Zheng and Dr. Meng Chen

Invited key speaker, Professor Shijun Zheng, a distinguished professor of China Agricultural University, was invited to present an analysis report on the principle and characteristics of bursa in poultry immune system. He also shared his analysis and comparison of IBDV attenuated vaccine, inactivated vaccine and immune-complex vaccine. It is demonstrated that IBD immune-complex vaccine covers all the limitation of the other two vaccines to protect the bursa and gives a better immune response. 

The highlight of the webinar starts when, Dr. Meng Chen, Director of Veterinary Service China Poultry Business Unit (BU), presented about the laboratory studies done in Harbin Veterinary Research Institute on the novel variant IBD virus isolated from China. The studies showed these variant IBD had strong pathogenicity that reduce immune response towards ND and AI vaccination and slower growth in broilers. This message was extremely important to the market as many producers has neglected the control of IBDV as variant IBD is subclinical that do not cause high mortality.

Dr. Qichao Zhao, Product Manager of China Poultry BU, continued to present the Stop Gumboro Cycle strategies towards variant IBDV in the field situation. Trial result from Shandong done in 2019 showing successful replacement of variant IBDV using Transmune and Cevac IBD L after three continuous cycle was presented while group using IBD killed vaccine still positive with variant IBDV at the end of the trial.

With that, to guarantee the vaccination quality in hatchery, Dr. Kevin Liu, Director of Vaccination Service and Equipment (VSE) of China Poultry BU, shared about the offer Ceva can provide to producers such as advanced vaccination equipment and professional vaccination service team. Through regular visits to the hatchery, providing evaluation reports and continuous training, Ceva had helped many hatcheries to improve the vaccination quality throughout the year.

As part of the key success factor to ensure the message of this webinar is communicated to the key producers, SAM/KAM team together with Vet Service and VSE had organized meetings with key accounts concurrently to watch the webinar from producers’ meeting rooms or even hatcheries and farms. This followed by face-to-face Q&A sessions and dinner with the key accounts.

A replay of the session is now available at

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