Ceva China successfully launch Cevac IBird®

Ceva China successfully launch Cevac IBird® nationwide amid the challenge of travel restriction

On April 17th, Ceva China successfully held the IBird webinar on the latest trend of Infectious Bronchitis (IB) and its prevention and control solution. The webinar received wide response from the industry with up to 4,800 viewers from 27 provinces.

Invited key speaker, Professor Dr. Zhang Guozhong of Veterinary Medicine Department, China Agricultural University, leading Key Opinion Leader in China spoke on the latest analysis report on the epidemiology of IB in China. He commented, there are prevalence of many strains of IB today in China and QX strain is of a relatively high proportion. He reminded producers to practice strict biosecurity measures and giving strong local immunity to birds in order to control Infectious Bronchitis in the field. For vaccine immunization, Mass strain and 793-B or QX strain can be used in combination to give better protection.

From left to right: Dr Zhao Qichao, Prof. Zhang Guozhong, Dr Meng Chen and Dr Kevin Liu

The highlight of the webinar started when Dr. Zhao Qichao, Product Manager of China Poultry Business Unit (BU), introduced Cevac IBird®, newly developed live variant IB vaccine of Ceva China belonging to 793B serotype. Dr. Zhao communicated a clear value proposition of Cevac IBird® combine with Mass strain in hatchery to protect chickens against the main circulating strains in China, namely, QX, TW, 793B, Mass and other serotypes, for broilers and yellow birds (short growth cycle) with no booster required in farm until harvesting. Such recommendation is indeed a different approach of what is currently practiced among the Chinese integrators who use vaccines of multiple local strains in the field for two to three times to control IB.

Continue to give solid proof of the efficacy of Ceva’s solution for IB, Dr. Meng Chen, Director of Veterinary Services China Poultry BU, presented Cevac IBird® field success story from both large-scale integration and contract farm model in China. These trials involved up to 6.6 Million broilers and Cevac IBird® was able to deliver better performance and more significant economic benefits with average of extra 0.38 RMB/birds when compared to the control group that used the local strains with booster in farm.

Finally, Dr. Kevin Liu, Director of Vaccination Service and Equipment of China Poultry BU, introduced the quality assurance of Bureau Veritas accredited C.H.I.C.K. program that assure the quality of spray vaccination with uniform and better coverage. Data showing a better vaccine-take of IB result in Ceva flocks compare to competitor flocks were presented to further strengthen the message of the importance of proper hatchery vaccination in control of IB. With this opportunity, Dr. Kevin cited the high-quality vaccination services Ceva could provide from high standard spray vaccination equipment to regular visits to hatchery with evaluation reports and continuous professional training.

Webinar ended successfully with Q&A session. We received up to 36 questions from viewers and some key customers. A replay of the session is now available at https://live.polyv.cn/watch/1155634 

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