Ceva Japan Successfully Held Circovac Seminar

The newest information on swine management in overseas farms

On July 11th-13th, Ceva Japan held a seminar under the theme “The newest information on swine management in overseas farms”.

This seminar was held cojointly with Zenoaq, the distributor of Circovac in Japan. The seminar dedicated to farm managers was held in Morioka and Utsunomiya, whereas the professional seminar dedicated to veterinarians was held in Tokyo.

Firstly, Mr. Ruud Aerdts (Ceva Asia Zone Director) introduced Ceva Animal Health and addressed that Ceva Japan has succeeded Circovac and has started swine commercial since last year. Mr. Niels Geertsen (Technical Sales Manager, DanBred) shared his expertise about “Managing High Productivity: Moultrup swine farm (Denmark), exceeding 40 piglets per sow per year”. He explained newest information about gilt management, good AI practice, body condition, routines in farrowing, focus on survival of all piglets, consistency and motivated employees.

Dr. Mark Mombarg (Ceva Asia Swine Market Manager) updated on the recent updates of PCV2 virus and successful Circovac vaccination. He introduced about the newest data of Circovac for PCV2d and emphasized Circovac is the most suitable because of whole virus vaccine.

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