Ceva University – Now for “Masters”

Ceva has created the ‘Ceva University Master’ program following the success of the Ceva University, which has been staged in Asia.

Ceva University is now a well-established concept, organized by Ceva Asia annually (CU Broiler & CU Layers). The program is designed for young talented veterinarians from strategic and key accounts with the aim of providing basic information on broiler and layer management and disease control.

The Ceva University Master – Respiratory Diseases was held between September 22nd to 25th in Singapore.  This year Ceva Asia decided to build on this success and innovate, taking the Ceva University to another level by creating the Ceva University Master.  

The program is designed to deliver more in-depth information about specific diseases and the first topic to be highlighted was Respiratory Diseases. More than 80 experienced animal health managers from Ceva’s strategic and key accounts in nine different countries attended the CU Master – Respiratory Diseases. Among them, Animal Health Managers from CP (Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and Bangladesh), Cargill (China), Japfa (Indonesia, Vietnam) and Bounty (Philippines), Betagro (Thailand), Foster (Philippines) and Kazi (Bangladesh).

All participants were very impressed by the level of information provided by Dr Sjaak De Wit (GD Deventer, NL) on Infectious Bronchitis,  Dr Christophe Cazaban on Newcastle Diseases, and by Dr Naola Ferguison-Noel (University of Georgia, USA) on Mycoplamosis. 

Another innovative approach was to concentrate on one topic per day in order to provide a better interactivity between participants and speakers.  The two-way communication during the presentations and case studies was very much appreciated by the customers.

Ceva Asia also awarded the top three students that had the highest score in exams. The top three students were Dr Justin Gonzales (PH), Dr Alan S. del Rio (PH) and Dr Arunee Thanasarasakulpong (TH). 

Last update: 12/10/2015

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