Ceva hosts successful Asian Swine Reproduction Symposium

Ceva brought together experts on swine reproduction. You can now watch our video webinars.

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On 30th June 2016, Ceva Animal Health Asia hosted its Swine Reproduction Symposium in Phuket, Thailand. Around 100 Asian veterinarians and farm managers attended in-depth reviews of various aspects of swine reproduction, delivered by world-renown experts like Dr. Nicoline Soede (Wageningen University, the Netherlands), Dr. Padet Tummaruk (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand) and Dr. John Carr (Carr’s Consultancy, Australia).

Enhancing reproductive performance in Asia is both a challenge and an opportunity for the region. All speakers highlighted the fact that the single biggest factor offering a way forward is precision farm management. This includes appropriate feeding strategies for sows, appropriate insemination strategies, the capacity to turn strategy into reality at the work floor and a variety of other capabilities needed to become a top producer. One week batch farrowing tends to improve efficiency too, by both an improved work flow and by reduced shedding of pathogens between piglets.

Altresyn® (Ceva’s oral altrenogest) can help streamlining the introduction of gilts into the sow population, ensuring an optimal occupation of available farrowing crates while reducing the cost of gilt rearing. During his talk, Dr. John Carr demonstrated the audience that the missed profit of an empty farrowing place currently is as much as $ 1400.

All lectures are available below as webinars; have a look as they are both relevant and informative!


Dr. Nicoline Soede - Optimal Sow Management for Optimal Sow Performance


Dr. Padet Tummaruk - Reproductive Management of Boars to Optimize Sperm Production and Reproductive Performance

Dr. John Carr - Improving Reproductive Efficiency on Swine Farms; Introduction & Replacement

Nicolas Guerra - Enhancing Productivity with Ceva's Reproductive Range for Sows

Chretien Gielen -  A Practical Approach to Reproductive Disorders in European Sow Herds

Last update: 30/08/2016

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