Ceva’s Renewed Commitment to the Layer Segment Communicated through Novamune Launch

Ceva Philippines formally launched its newest product, Novamune

On July 23rd and 25th, Ceva Philippines formally launched its newest product, Novamune. This signaled their renewed commitment to the Philippine layer segment with Novamune, a layer-specific Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) vaccine. With some of the biggest players in this industry, Novamune was introduced through the global campaign - Less is More. In the new Ceva program, hatchery vaccination with Novamune at the core is recommended as the preferred option because of the 53% reduction in vaccine application (from 19 applications to 9 applications). The hatchery program guarantees cost savings and stress reduction due to handling which is a culprit in unoptimized flock performance.

Discussions during the half day session included Dr. Fusun Gungor’s topic on Less is More which touched on Ceva’s new technology vaccines in a simplified vaccination program. Novamune differentiating features were clearly enumerated by Dr Mel Umandal while the local and international field trial results were presented by Dr Jay Peria.

As the Philippines breaks into the Asian livestock and poultry export market, a representative from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) was invited to share the government’s initiatives and plans moving forward. Dr Oscar Jhan Cabanayan tackled salient points on egg importation and layer farm accreditation to encourage local farmers to take part in the success of this opportunity.

The audience actively participated as they posed challenging questions after the presentations and consulted with the experts on their specific flock health programs.

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