Indonesia Layer Day 2015

Since 2013, this annual event is a part of Ceva Indonesia’s commitment to uplift Ceva’s image in layer segment

Since 2013, this annual event is a part of Ceva’s commitment to uplift Ceva’s image in layer segment. Indonesia have standing population +/- 126 million commercial layer and it spreading in 4 key islands: Java, Sumatera, Kalimantan and Sulawesi. The event was held on May 5th in Jakarta and May 6th in Solo Central Java, which attended by around 110 layer farmers.

Layer Day in Jakarta

Layer Day in Solo

Layer Day purposed to gather layer farmer, the existing and also the prospect customers. The main topic was Layernutrition and Infectious Bronchitisin layer commercial, we raised these issue as a major topic because of nutrition as one a most interesting topic of layer farmer if they talk about efficiency and productivity because most of them mixed the feed by themself.  Infectious Bronchitis also one of most key diseases in commercial layer in addition to Newcastle diseases and HPAI. 

Prof®. Ir. Budi Tangendjaja M.S.

The Guest speaker of this seminar is Prof®. Ir. Budi Tangendjaja M.S., M.App.Sc.,PhD and presented Nutritional changes in feeding modern layer as affected by genetic and environment. Prof. Budi Tangendjaja is key opinion leader of nutrition in Indonesia and He has worked as research scientist at Research Institute for Animal Production, Department of Agriculture, Indonesia for >35 years and received consulting job with ASA IM (15 years) before joining US Grains Council for 10 years to cover technical services in South East Asia.

Continuing the program launching Cevac IBird to complete IB control program in layer commercial combined with Cevac Corymune 7K and Cevac NDIBEDSK, in this event, Ceva also bringing topics about Infectious Bronchitis and EGGS program services, Dr. Roberto Soares as Regional Asia Veterinary Services presented Infectious Bronchitis in Layers Disease and EGGS Program Services “Peace of Mind” in Vaccination, performed by Dr. Ayatullah Natsir.

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