Marek's Disease & Control Seminar

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The recent Marek’s Disease and Control Seminar held on Wednesday, July 13th, in Bangkok, Thailand, marked the 1st milestone for Ceva Asia to be one of the prominent player to provide solution for Marek’s control in the region. There were around 150 Asian veterinarians, university professors, producers and farm managers participated in this event.

The seminar was kick-started by Dr Zavala Guillermo, an expert in Marek’s disease who used to be Adjunct Professor of Avian Medicine and Veterinary Virology at University of Georgia and currently the founder of Avian Health International, LLC, a poultry consulting company. Dr Zavala stressed the importance of Marek’s disease not only as a neoplastic disease but also the most immunosuppressive disease that has high impact economically. Also, in his recently study comparing 4 different Rispens vaccines in the market, which showed not all Rispens vaccines in the market is same. “Choosing the right Rispens vaccine is very important to control the disease as well as reduce the shedding of field MD strain into the field”, he said.

Professor Jiroj Sasipreeyajan, who is currently the Head of Avian Health Research Unit, Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok shared his experience with Marek’s disease in Thailand. He shared that currently, at least there are 2 subgroups of MDV-1 are circulating in chicken flocks in Thailand, based on the Thontirawong, 2016 and control of Marek’s in poultry industry is very challenging as farms are multi-ages located in high density areas with poor biosecurity.

The seminar continued with Mr Kobus Van-heerden sharing the success of Ceva Rispens range capturing 33% of in layer market share in US showing the confident of producers had towards the quality and efficacy of the product. Following, Dr Marcelo Paniago, Global Veterinary Services Manager, conveyed the result of effective reduction in shedding of challenge virus besides excellent protection towards ND and Marek’s when birds vaccinated with Vectormune ND and Ceva Rispens, giving the convenient to producers to control these two diseases in one shot in hatchery.

Last but not least, Asia Veterinary Services Manager and Vaccination Services and Equipment Manager, Dr Jessica Lee and Dr Chalermchai Skulphuek respectively shared the Asia field experience of Vectormune ND and Rispens as well as the supportive services provided by Ceva in helping to improve the Marek’s disease protection. 

Last update: 27/07/2016

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