Vec’ Tour 2011

A series of technical seminars to launch Vectormune® HVT-NDV in the region

From September 11th to 20th, 2011, Ceva Animal Heath Asia Pacific organized the Vec’ Tour 2011, a series of technical seminars to launch Vectormune® HVT-NDV in the region. The tour reached out to more than 500 participants covering three countries with two seminars in Malaysia, one in Thailand and four in the Philippines.  Amongst them were animal health and production managers from the major poultry producers in each country; local authorities, farmers, University professors, researchers and the regional press.
The seminars were divided into three parts with the first presentation by Marcelo Paniago on “Conventional Vaccines against Newcastle Disease – Benefits and Drawbacks”.  Following him, Kristi Moore Dorsey revealed all the technologies behind the vector vaccines in her presentation “Vectormune® HVT-NDV – The Science Behind It” and finally, Pascal Paulet disclosed in his lecture the results of laboratory and field trials entitled “Vectormune® HVT-NDV – Experience in the World”.
Vec’ Tour 2011 was a success and became a very significant milestone in the introduction of Vectormune® HVT-NDV, one of the key growth drivers for the future. Moreover, it contributed to the reinforcement of Ceva’s leading position in the booming segment of vector vaccines.

Last update: 04/06/2015

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