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16 January 2020

Ceva commits to helping improve preventative health strategies for Vietnam’s rapidly growing livestock sector >

Ceva supports the Vietnamese livestock sector by developing innovative animal health solutions tailored to the needs of producers.

10 January 2020

Insights into poultry health with Ms Lavita Dalgado >

Ms Dalgado from Premium Chick Feeds, Mumbai, India, speaks with Ceva's Guillermo Gonzalez, DVM, on poultry health in India.

27 December 2019

Ceva Vietnam tightens bonds with CP Vietnam leadership by organizing joint C.S.R. event >

Ceva Vietnam supported the organization of C.P. Vietnam Corporation C.S.R. in Northern provinces of Vietnam with the slogan “To have sufficient nutrition indispensable for healthy lives”

29 November 2019

Hyderabad Poultry show organised by Ceva India >

13th Poultry India Expo 2019, the most significant event in South Asia was organised at Hyderabad from November 26th to 29th

31 October 2019

Ceva Indonesia participated in Chicken and Egg Festival 2019 >

C Our Future CSR Initiatives

15 October 2019

C Our Future movement in Malaysia >

In conjunction with upcoming Ceva 20th anniversary, let's "Embrace Chicken and Eggs to Break the Cycle of Child Stunting" together!

18 September 2019

Edy Purwoko, 1st Winner of Veterinary Poultry Business Management Award in Indonesia >

An honor to get an award and strengthen the image of Ceva Animal Health Indonesia as the leader of Poultry Vaccine in Indonesia

17 September 2019

Ceva Corporate Poultry team embraces C Our Future movement at World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) Congress in Bangkok, Thailand >

The C Our Future movement initiated by our Asian millennial managers, targets child stunting (limitation of growth and brain development that affects 1 in every 5 child in Asia

4 September 2019

Marathon registration process ends with successful registration and launch of Vectormune ND in Indonesia >

Indonesia is being the 78th country where Vectormune® ND registered around the world

29 August 2019

Ceva Vietnam Layer Day 2019 >

Pullet Quality: Key Success of Good Layer Performance

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