By developing pheromone analogues products (respectively FELIWAY® and ADAPTIL® for cats and dogs), Ceva opened the way to a completely new therapeutic approach to manage behavioural disorders in pets.

By developing Selegiline (SELGIAN®for the treatment of behavioural disorders in dogs, then FELIWAY® and DAP® to revolutionise the approach to these disorders in companion animals, CEVA has committed firmly to behavioural medicine.

With the support of the few world-renowned experts in the field, the Group provided the veterinary profession with a set of tools and postgraduate training courses as early as 1994ETEC® behavioural assessment grid, seminars and training courses on the approach to behavioural issues in dogs and cats, conferences in almost all European countries and in the USA, etc.

This provided vets with an opportunity to familiarise themselves with this discipline and meet the legitimate expectations of their customers, since companion animals were becoming increasingly integrated into the family unit.
Among the products that marked our entry into the behavioural field and then took CEVA to the rank of world leader in behavioural drugs for cats and dogs, we will mention:

SELGIAN® (Selegiline) : medical treatment of severe behavioural disorders in dogs.

Selegiline blocks an enzyme called monoamine oxydase. By inhibiting the enzyme activity of B type monoamine oxydases, which are involved in the degradation of dopamine, this molecule takes on antidepressant properties.

FELIWAY® and DAP® : Pheromones based products

Pheromones are compounds that are naturally secreted by animals so that they can communicate with members of the same species. During lactation, for example, female dogs secrete a pheromone that reassures their pups when they are close to them. Similarly, cats secrete facial pheromones which they deposit in known places in order to mark a familiar territory.
CEVA Santé Animale has developed synthetic analogues of some of these natural pheromones.

For cats:

  • FELIWAY® (feline facial pheromones)

Used in stressful situations (moving house, transport, presence of other animals, etc.), FELIWAY® gives the cat its "bearings" and thus prevents the stress which can generate disturbing behaviour (urine-marking, scratching, aggressiveness).
The use of FELIWAY® spray or the FELIWAY® diffuser will artificially reproduce the facial marking that is natural to cats.

More information of FELIWAY®

For dogs:

  • D.A.P.®: Dog Appeasing Pheromone

D.A.P.® is the synthetic equivalent of the pheromone secreted by bitches to reassure their pups on contact. D.A.P.® helps dogs handle stressful situations better (separation, weaning, transport, fear of noise, firework displays, etc.) and enables them to adapt to new situations. It is therefore indispensable during the socialisation period of puppies. D.A.P.® is available as a spray, a diffuser or a collar.

From one country to another, product lines are adapted to local demand and regulatory requirements. For further information, please take a look at the Ceva Santé Animale site for your country. Warning: the information provided on the products depends on national registrations. Access to technical information is restricted to authorised persons.

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