Hatchery Vaccination Program

C.H.I.C.K. Program

Thanks to the advances of modern technology of vaccines and equipment, the hatchery is becoming increasingly the centre of vaccination for world broiler producers.
Unlike farm vaccination, it offers a number of benefits as vaccination program can be simplified and quality guaranteed.
These demands require a high level of expertise, staff training and end-to-end process monitoring. In response, Ceva created the C.H.I.C.K. Program to accompany hatchery professionals in five ways:

  • Vaccine Care
  • Vaccination Techniques
  • Equipment Care
  • Audit & Monitoring
  • Expertise & Education

Our Hatchery Service teams will visit your operation on a pre-agreed basis and conduct a number of tests and measures according to the CHICK program procedures. Their objective is to work in partnership with the hatchery teams to improve the quality of vaccination. This includes a dedicated InOvo equipment service program.



Because you need data to manage your operation, we have developed a powerful electronic Application for our Hatchery Vaccination Specialists to record and display the vaccination Key Performance Indicators. Once they complete their routine service visit using their electronic tablet, they will instantly show you the statistical results and give their recommendations.

  • Chick Quality score
  • Vaccine preparation quality
  • Administration quality
  • Hygiene and biosecurity
  • Equipment conditions

C.H.I.C.K. Program brochure
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