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Inactivated oil emulsion vaccine. For the immunisation of chickens against Newcastle Disease (ND) and Infectious Bronchitis (IB).
LAYERMUNE® 2 contains Newcastle Disease virus and Infectious Bronchitis viruses of the Mass. 41 and Mass. Holland strains. The viruses are inactivated and suspended in an oil emulsion.
The vaccine is indicated for use in healthy chickens prior to the onset of egg production as an aid the prevention of diseases caused by Newcastle Disease virus and Infectious Bronchitis virus of the Mass. type. One dose of LAYERMUNE® 2 provides uniform and high serological titers throughout the lay cycle eliminating the need for use of live Newcastle and bronchitis vaccines during lay.
Revaccination during molt is recommended. A prime with live bronchitis vaccine of the Mass. type is recommended at least four weeks in advance of administration of the inactivated vaccine.
- Store vaccine between +2°C and +8°C or 35°F and 45°F
- Protect from light
- Do not freeze
1000 doses (500 ml bottle)
10 X 1,000 dose bottles/box
20 X 1,000 dose bottles/box
25 X 1,000 dose bottles/box
This product contains oil based adjuvant; accidental injection into a human may cause a serious localized reaction. Seek expert medical attention immediately.

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