Pneumonia is scored based on Madec method, which has been modified considering the contribution of each lobe to the overall capacity of the lungs. Quantification of Scarring is included.

Modified Madec Scoring

For the modified Madec score, the enzootic pneumonia-like lung lesions of each lobe are quantified according to the following:

Since each lobe does not represent an equal proportion of the lung, the following weights were assigned according to Christensen (1999).

Percentage of total lung capacity representated by each lobe.

Scoring of bronchopneumonia lesions typical for EP on the cardiac lobe.
**Courtesy of IZSLER Inst. Reggio Emilia, Italy.


Quantification of Scarring

The prevalence of fissures, or scarring, is evaluated based on their presence or absence. The incidence of fissures indicates the old infections likely due to M. hyopneumoniae.

Prevalence of fissures in pig lungs.

Score 0 : Absence of fissures (scarring)
Score 1 : Presence of fissures (scarring)

**Courtesy of Pig Research Centre, Denmark.


More details:
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