Other Therapeutic Fields

Alongside the Ceva Group’s recognised fields of expertise in vaccines, control of reproduction or antibiotic therapy, it also proposes complementary products specifically adapted to swine farming.

Alongside the Ceva Group’s recognized fields of expertise in vaccines or antibiotic therapy, are complementary products specifically adapted to swine farming:


PRACETAM® contains paracetamol, and reduces pain and fever in swine. This reduction not only is an animal-welfare benefit, but also enhances productivity. PRACETAM® can help bringing milk production back to normal in sows, and helps diseased finishing pigs getting back to growth faster. The product is rapidly absorbed after oral administration. PRACETAM® is available as 10% feedmix and 20% oral solution.

Metabolism and digestion:

MYCOTOX®NG is the complex toxin binder from Ceva. In order to fight against mycotoxins present in the feed, we need today to use elaborate strategies. Among them, the choice of the toxin binder in crucial. MYCOTOX®NG is designed to provide a strong binding to a large range of mycotoxins thanks to the synergistic effect of b-glycans and selected mineral adsorbant but not only. MYCOTOX®NG is designed to help the body to detoxify, to keep the cell integrity and restore the immune defences. Considering the potential negative impact of mycotoxins on the vaccination take, Ceva, globally recognized in biology, has at heart to provide a professional solution against the mycotoxin threat.

From one country to another, product lines are adapted to local demand and regulatory requirements. For further information, please take a look at the Ceva Santé Animale site for your country. Warning: the information provided on the products depends on national registrations. Access to technical information is restricted to authorized persons.

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